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Winnie Lau from the MARES Program on the big challenge facing Marine PES

June 4, 2010
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Winnie, Program Manager of the Forest Trends Marine PES Program, MARES, gives us her thoughts on the big challenge facing Marine PES in SE Asia and in fact the whole of the world, namely the field testing of projects to prove their viability.

Winnie goes on to talk us through the on the ground initiatives the MARES Program is engaged with.

You’ll be able to catch Winnie and the MARES team on-line or in person at the Hanoi Katoomba conference on 23rd and 24th June.  We’ll be videoing all sessions and uploading to the website as we go.
Winnie Lau, Manager of MARES Program on the big issue facing marine PES from Katoomba Group on Vimeo.

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Skype Interview with Winnie Lau, Program Manager of MARES

June 1, 2010
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Winnie Lau, Manager of MARES Program provides us a basic outline of this new Forest Trends program.  MARES aims to protect crucial marine ecosystem services by harnessing markets and private sector investment, in order to complement conventional coastal and marine management and safeguard human well-being.

Winnie will be leading a session on coastal and marine ecosystems in Hanoi and here she also outlines the objectives of this session.
Winnie Lau, Manager of MARES Program on MARES and Hanoi marine session from Katoomba Group on Vimeo.

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Speaker Biography: Don Macintosh, Director, Mangroves for the Future

April 23, 2010
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Don Macintosh has more than 30 years of experience working in developing countries. He has conducted research on and published papers on mangrove ecosystems in Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. He has been the project manager on a number of resources management project in Southeast Asia – focussing on mangroves and coral reefs. Prof Macintosh has supervised a number of PhD (more than 10), MSc (more than 30) and numerous BSc students. Been course director for the International MSc program in Aquaculture at the University of Stirling, UK. Prof Macintosh has been hired as an independent consultant for a number of Aid Organisations (e.g. Danida, The World Bank, Danish Red Cross, Save the Children Fund). He is currently director of the Centre for Tropical Ecosystems Research, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Aarhus, Denmark as well as the coordinator of the Mangroves for the Future initiative.

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Video: Coastal and Marine Markets

April 2, 2010
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Video: Coastal and Marine Markets.

This section will shortly contain video resources on the session on Coastal and Marine Markets at Katoomba 17, focused on Payments for Ecosystem Services in Southeast Asia.

If you would like to contribute to this resource please contact ben(dot)metz(at)katoombagroup(dot)org.

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Panel Resources: Coastal and Marine Markets

May 2, 2009
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Paying Poseidon: Financing the Protection of Valuable Ecosystem Services

Global climate-change talks in Copenhagen might not have yielded a new greenhouse-gas protocol, but they did yield an agreement on the need to develop financing mechanisms that reward people in developing countries for saving their rainforests and adopting sustainable land-use practices — both of which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing carbon in trees and soil. Meanwhile, scores of projects across both the developed and developing worlds are using environmental finance to preserve endangered species, improve water quality, and preserve wetlands — all based on the premise that nature’s living ecosystems deliver valuable services that make them worth more alive than dead. Now it’s time to expand this reasoning to the ocean, where fish are vanishing, coasts are eroding, and algae are having a field day.

To download the full document, go here

Payments for Marine Ecosystem Services: Getting Started in Marine and Coastal Ecosystems

Healthy and robust marine ecosystems provide the underpinnings for profitable industries and supportcoastal communities throughout the world. In addition, oceans play crucial roles in regulating theatmosphere and modulating weather, storing carbon, cycling nutrients, and providing other ecosystemservices. Coastal areas provide essential resources, buffer land from storms, and provide living spacefor almost half of the global population. Yet today many of these ecosystems and the services theyprovide are under threat. Indeed, the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment — the most comprehensivestudy assessing the value of the world’s systems to date — concluded that more than 60% of the world’secosystems are being used in ways that cannot be sustained.

To take a look at the primer, click here

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