Panel Resources: Biodiversity Markets

May 2, 2009
By admin
State of the Biodiversity Markets

As more and more governments and businesses consider market-like instruments as tools for biodiversity footprint management, it is increasingly important to understand what is happening, where, and how those tools work. It is also critical to provide reliable information free to the public to enable all market participants to make more informed decisions, learn from the experiences of others, and ultimately allow stable, equitable and effective conservation markets to develop.

Within the broad spectrum of ‘biodiversity markets,’ weaim to provide a succinct answer to the question ‘What is happening in biodiversity offset and compensation programs around the world?’ There are both mature and nascent payment systems for biodiversity compensation around the world.

Each one is a bit different and they often go by different names: biodiversity offsets, mitigation banking, conservation banking, habitat credit trading, fish habitat compensation, BioBanking, complementary remediation, conservation certificates, and many more are based on compliance with regulation while others are done voluntarily for ethical, competitive, or pre-compliance reasons.  But they are all efforts to reduce biodiversity lossand build the cost of biodiversity impacts into economic decisions through markets or marketlike instruments and payments.

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