The Vietnam Experience

May 2, 2010
By admin

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This session will explore Vietnam’s Forest Ecosystem Services, related policy development and other relevant experiences.


  • Vietnam’s Pilot Policy for Forest Ecosystem Services (PFES): Government Perspective
    • Nguyen Tuan Phú, Office of the Government and Pham Xuan Phuong, Legal Department, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam
  • Contributions of Winrock International and GTZ to the formulation and implementation of policy on Payment for Forest Environmental Services in Viet Nam
    • Nguyen Chi Thanh, Winrock International, Vietnam; Juergen Hess, GTZ Vietnam
  • Experience with REDD Pilot Projects in Vietnam
    • Richard McNally and REDD working group in Vietnam
  • Forest law enforcement, governance, and trade (FLEGT), and potential implications of REDD for local people: Impacts of small-scaled illegal logging operations
    • Rene Boot, Tropenbos International

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