Payments for Watershed Ecosystem Services

May 2, 2010
By admin

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The use of markets and market-based mechanisms to conserve and pay for ecosystem services is a growing global trend that has gained a solid foothold through both the regulated and voluntary carbon markets and is rapidly gaining traction in the water markets. Furthermore, it is a trend that is no longer solely important to environmentalists but has become of essential interest to small local communities, government regulators, businesses, and financiers all over the world.

The focus of this panel is on understanding how to maximize ability of market mechanisms to increase watershed services while also providing incentives for improved land use in catchment areas. We will explore cases where market-based mechanisms can play a critical role in the protection, restoration and sustainable management of the world’s most essential commodity— water — for which there is no substitute.


  • Overview of China’s Watershed EcoCompensation Programs
    Jin Leshan, China Agricultural University
  • Lessons Learned Facilitating Linkages between ES Providers and Sellers
    Dr. Delia Catacutan, ICRAF/RUPES
  • Emerging markets and market-like approaches to watershed quality
    Mark Kieser, Kieser & Associates

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