Coastal and Marine Markets

May 2, 2010
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Healthy and robust marine ecosystems provide the underpinnings for profitable industries and support coastal communities throughout the world. In addition, oceans play crucial roles in regulating the atmosphere and modulating weather, storing carbon, cycling nutrients, and providing other ecosystem services. Coastal areas provide essential resources, buffer land from storms, and provide living space for almost half of the global population.

In response to growing environmental concerns, markets are emerging for marine ecosystem services in countries around the world. Formal markets now exist to regulate commercial fisheries and potential markets are being proposed for marine biodiversity offsets and carbon sequestration. Moreover, focused business deals and payments for ecosystem services are being forged to invest in restoration and conservation of specific marine ecological systems and the services that they provide.

In order to address these issues, our panel focus is on innovative mechanisms for marine and coastal conservation


  • Marine Conservation Agreements as a Way to Implement PES
    • Rili Djohani, Director, Government and Partner Relations, TNC Indonesia
  • Coastal Community livelihoods implication to intact ecosystem services. 
    • Don Macintosh, Mangroves for the Future
  • Exceptionally high carbon storage in mangroves: Implications for carbon markets
    • Dan Donato, US Forest Service
  • The Frontier of Payment for Ecosystem Services: Protecting and Maintaining Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services
    • Winnie Lau, Manager, Forest Trends MARES Program
  • Effective Mangrove Conservation Through Co-management
    • Klaus Schmitt, Chief Technical Advisory, Management of Natural Resource in the Coastal Zone of Soc Trang Province, GTZ VIetnam

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