Fitting Payments for Ecosystem Services into the Legal Framework

June 16, 2010
By admin

The Katoomba Group’s Ecosystem Marketplace, the preminent on-line source of news, data, and analytics on markets and payments for ecosystem services is publishing a series of articles related to the Katoomba conference in Hanoi next week.

The latest article, titled “Fitting Payments for Ecosystem Services into the Legal Framework” is summarised below and available here.

Financiers, scientists, farmers, and policymakers from around the world are meeting at the 17th Katoomba Meeting next week in Hanoi to hash out ways of bringing the value of nature’s services into our economy.  Unfortunately, even as interest in payments for ecosystem services (PES) grows, laws are not evolving to accommodate them. Ecosystem Marketplace examines the challenge of implementing PES schemes in Southeast Asia.

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